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& Facilitate Every Child to own their future

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To strengthen education and learning outcomes for career building through inclusive pedagogy

Ensuring individual growth and development to gain 21st century skills

& thrive in career


Mentoring based on individual needs and vulnerabilities including education, health, social, mental. Promoting individual talents. And building external ecosystem through parents & students counselling


 Students' Magazine

Ankuran is the students magazine

run by the children, for the children.


Children have so much to say if we keenly listen.  Our children have created Ankuran with the support of their teachers (our volunteers) where they paint their thoughts. Our volunteers facilitate them and provide skills to manage and publish the magazine bimonthly.



We're open to explore pan-India to create learning opportunities for children and adults in rural, remote and slum areas with our holistic pedagogy and strategic approach for sustainable impact.

Support Us

We're a voluntary organization. Your support is what keeps our efforts sustain. You can send your donations or books for our libraries or computers to provide better education in rural and remote areas.

Get Involved

Volunteer with us in our ongoing projects both online or onsite. You can also get opportunity to engage and learn organizational skills.

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