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Education awareness is desperately needed in deprived communities but schooling system is not as it should be in most of the areas in rural India. Here we teach children from class zero to 12th, daily. Zero group consists of kids who have not started schooling yet or kids who study in kindergarten. We encourage and develop their interest in schooling. We try to help them with their education after school hours. We teach 6 days a week. Each volunteer is given schedule in particular class for 2-3 hours a week.  Conditions of these kids are not like usual children. Their education is much below than their expected level. So to curb this problem and raise them to an optimal level we develop a specific course and syllabus for them.


  • Creativity Circle…We organize summer and winter camps for them where we focus on extracurricular and recreational activities and all round development of their mind and skills. 

  • Student Career Cell… Helping children from kindergarten to intermediate, we also provide free computer classes, guidance, and preparations for various entrance exams for graduation, post-graduation, and jobs to students from such communities who are unable to afford expensive coaching. 

  • Libraries…we also aim to set up libraries in the villages for all such children and adults who would receive great help from the books on all the subjects. The library will also enlighten their awareness towards education and life. 

  • Balsanskaarshala… A noble idea and initiative that has been adopted from, which focuses on the development of cultural, moral, ethical and national values amongst upcoming generations through a rich curriculum of its own kind. Every Sunday evening all our children participate in Balsanskaarshala and learn healthy and valuable habits for life. 


Mentors for Life 
 Ideas to innovate on social and community level, we think, can create a great impact on the beneficiaries, the underprivileged kids. Mentors for life is an integral program of Malviya Child Welfare Circle. We all need a mentor in life. We often as the elder brother, sister, a teacher from the school or college, a good neighbor, or a friend other than mother and father. They guide us on most of the paths of our life, be it the career, health, emotional, psychological, personal, or intellectual. While working for these children and their parents, we observed a vacant space in their lives for such a person. 
      This initiative is to fill that vacant space with hope, love, care and life on a personal level that's rooted in deep trust, mutual understanding. There are several such children in these areas who are far more intelligent and talented than any of us have ever seen. Yes, that's true! We try to analyze kids on the basis of their academic and health needs, sincerity, special needs, willingness to learn, financial aid, need for special care and need of psychological counseling. Such kids then are then taken care by their mentors who are selected by our field experts keeping in mind their preferences, specialties, interests, the kid, and their mutual relationship. The mentor takes responsibilities of these kids with a sustainable and watchful process. The help and counsel the child, his/her parents in all possible ways to help the child excel in his/her career, social and personal life. 




Undernourishment, poor hygiene, unawareness, poor income are the severe cause of the poor growth of children in deprived communities both mental and physical. Maybe it is true that ‘Boost’ is the secret of their energy. Lucky are those kids who are born to a self-sufficient and financially healthy family. But the story of their counterparts is gloomy. Children in poor families, slum areas, on the streets, roaming in the traffic, selling flags and balloons… are far away from mainstream facilities of basic living. Well, an educated parent would know which doctor should be consulted. Besides, there are people who have lost their little ones with diarrhea that could be cured with a short course of medicines at an early stage. A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. True. So in order to expect more from our students at Malviya Study Circle, we have initiated a project dedicated to working to keep our children healthy and sound. We have organized several health camps and awareness program where we provide them free health checkup and treatment. The response of the beneficiaries was very positive. Many children whose parents were unaware of their serious conditions are now treated.