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We're a voluntary group of purpose-driven youth, committed to uplift the vulnerable children in most destitute areas of urban & rural areas through education support and mentorship.

Who We Are


We're a for-impact organization committed to uplift the underprivileged children in urban, suburban or rural areas. The approach supports basic education, health, values, and all possible development of the children of economically and socially backward families. Malviya Child Welfare Foundation leads many projects under its umbrella that focus on education, values, academics, personal development, and mentorship.


Why We Exist

      A huge percentage of the Indian population resides in rural communities. "Being rural isn't being backward, being ignorant is". Ignorant of one's abilities and lack of proper education leaves their future with nothing but hardships! If we look between the lines, the root issues are illiteracy, broken education, distorted value system which directly or indirectly cause unemployment, poverty, riots, corruption, crimes, child labor, human exploitation, drug addiction, etc.


Functional illiteracy occurs due to the big gap between rural education and the mainstream education system. How a child in the slum can fight the career competitions against the mainstream urban-educated student! On the other hand, the crisis in the Value system is the obvious root cause of spoilt youth. Just the academics alone cannot develop a sensible human being, we need to step ahead of the conventional system. And this is possible only by cultivating the greenery of positivism in the clayish minds of little children from the very beginning of their age.


The Solution

          We believe this can be solved by developing a clean bridge between rural and mainstream education with a holistic approach to developing numeracy, skills, language, good health, strong character, and social values among children. Make them aware and provide continuous support and guidance. And Provide them with interactive and righteous mentorship to help them make better decisions for themselves.

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