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A nonprofit, philanthropic Organisation that is committed to uplift the underprivileged children in urban, suburban or rural areas. The approach supports basic education, health, values and all possible development of the children of economically and socially backward families. Through our recent work near Banaras Hindu University, we’ve found that exposing university/college students to a philanthropic platform where they get a close connection with the needs and obligations of such societies, develops a unique cascade of thought transformations in the perception of such youth. Their active volunteering for the cause not only helps children those who in need but also develops a great sense of social perception and leaves deep imprints of social responsibility and sensitivity in their persona. We call this as “Youth development for social sensitivity and responsibility” or better put as ASR (Academic Social Responsibility) considering academic institutions and the youth therein, studying to contribute to the world, better start cultivating the sense of community service from the most active stage of their lives. Our way of functioning and level of volunteer involvement has transformed youth to an extent that some have even chosen social service as their mainstream career. So the organization not only helps underprivileged children but creates leaders with compassion as its positive effect.

Malviya Child Welfare Foundation leads many projects under its umbrella that focus on education, health, values, creativity, environment, academics and mentorship. Some projects are underway.

The Problem

      A huge percentage of the Indian population resides in rural communities. "Being rural isn't being backward, but being unaware is". Unawareness about one's abilities and lack of proper education leaves their future with nothing but hardships!

    If we observe between the lines, the root issue is the functional and moral illiteracy which directly or indirectly cause poverty, terrorism, corruption, crimes, child labor, human exploitation, drug addiction, etc.

    There are a series of episodes that lead to functional and moral illiteracy.

Functional illiteracy occurs due to the big gap between rural education and the mainstream education system. How a kid in the slum can fight the career competitions against the mainstream urban educated student!

Moral illiteracy is the obvious root cause of destruction. Even the educated ones are suffering from moral illiteracy! Just the academics alone cannot develop a sensible human being, we need to step ahead of the conventional system.

And this is possible only by cultivating the greenery of positivism in the clayish minds of little children from the very beginning of their age.


The Solution

          We believe this can be solved by developing a clean bridge between the rural and the mainstream education to develop children with their skills and languages. Make them aware and provide continuous support and guidance. And Provide them with the interactive and righteous mentorship to help them make better decisions for themselves. The belief led to the birth of a beautiful initiative materialized on 26th September 2015 named as Malviya Child Welfare Circle with a noble intention.


 Our Projects




 The basic issue that the poor sections of the society faces is a lack of proper education. It is true that not even our mainstream schooling system is as healthy as expected for the need of tuitions and coaching is burning desperately among the student community. But they are capable enough to afford extra help after school. The other end of the wall seems not so strong. We’re talking about the street children, or children who study in primary schools, or even those who haven’t seen the school yet. The government has provided them with schemes and support to have better education but somehow they do not find themselves hopeful.

We have been working among these communities for quite a while. We’ve communicated with families with daily wage workers, rickshaw pullers, cobblers, vendors, laborers, both men and women who began sending their children to Malviya Study Circle every day in the evening after school hours. Their parents are aware. They had dreams. But they were helpless of their own illiteracy and stigma of being uneducated. But we found a scope of giving a promising hand to them.


What we do…

The day we began, we made a communicated with about thirty families in a slum, Seergovardhanpur near BHU in Varanasi. We communicated with their children. Things were dark. They were leading their lives knowing nothing what would their children do in the future or what dream should they show to their little ones, afraid of not being able to fulfill them! “Would you as their parents, help us to help your kids and educate them for a better future…?” we asked them with hope and command. To our delight, they were even more delighted to hear this which filled us with everlasting enthusiasm and hope. Women covering themselves in veil holding little hands of their kids came out of their houses and got their names enrolled with us!


Harsh Reality…

We began a one-week assessment of fifty of the enrolled children. To our astonishment, not even a single child of std. 8th could spell his name in English or even spell the English alphabet series! Might seem exaggerated… wish this wasn’t the reality… But the truth was what we tasted there… harsh, bitter. Many left the school after failing repeatedly in the same standard and joined the laborers in the factories. After all, nobody sits ideally. They try to support their family with whatever they have from wherever they can.

We had to design a strategy and a sustainable system to extend our help to the cause. We began with basic literacy classes for all of them which lasted for a month. We helped them restart their schooling and helped them with their academics in the evening. Beginning with English, Hindi, Mathematics, their basics began to get clear and their hopes brighter. Finding them on track with all the basics, we initiated their syllabi.

 Today we have reached about three hundred children in two slums and a village. We teach all the subjects, every day in the evening hours. ‘Efficiency depends on the quality of time rather than the quantity of time’, this suits best to our system of functioning.


  • Creativity Circle… We also organize summer and winter camps for them where we focus on extracurricular and recreational activities and all round development of their mind and skills.


  • Student Career Cell… Helping children with free computer classes, guidance, and preparations for various entrance exams for graduation, post-graduation, and jobs to those students from such communities who are unable to afford expensive coaching.


  • Libraries… we also have aimed to set up libraries in such communities for all such children and adults who would receive great help from the books on all the subjects. The library will also enlighten their awareness towards education and life…







Maybe it is true that boost is the secret of energy for some society. Lucky are those kids who are born to a self-sufficient and financially healthy family. But the story of their counterparts is gloomy. Children in poor families, slum areas, on the streets, roaming in the traffic, selling flags and balloons… are far away from mainstream facilities of basic living. Well, an educated parent would know that which tablet cures pain in the stomach or in the head and what has to be said to the chemist to get those or which doctor should be consulted. Still, there are people who have lost their little ones with diarrhea that could be cured with a short course of medicines at an early stage.

A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. True. So in order to expect more from our students at Malviya Study Circle, we have initiated a project dedicated to working to keep our children healthy and sound. We have organized several health camps and awareness program where we provide them free health checkup and treatment. The response of the beneficiaries was very positive. Many children whose parents were unaware of their serious conditions are now treated.



Mentors for Life


 Mentors for life is an integral program of Malviya Child Welfare Foundation. 

     We all need a mentor in life. We often find them in the elder brother, sister, a teacher from the school or college, a good neighbor, or a friend other than mother and father. They guide us on most of the paths of our life, be it the career, health, emotional, psychological, personal, or intellectual. While working for these children and their parents, we felt a need, a vacant space in their lives of such a mentor. 

      This initiative is to fill that vacant space, with hope, love, care, and healthy self-perception that's rooted in deep trust, care, and mutual understanding.

There are several such children in these areas who are far more intelligent and talented than any of us have ever seen. We try to analyze kids on the basis of their academic needs, health needs, sincerity, special care, willingness to learn, financial need, and need of psychological counseling. Such kids then are then taken care by their mentors who are selected by our field experts keeping in mind their preferences, specialties, interests, needs of the kid and their mutual relationship. The mentor takes responsibilities of these kids with a sustainable and watchful process. The help and counsel the child, his/her parents in all possible ways to help the child excel in his/her career, social and personal life.

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