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Thank you Aria

Malviya Child Welfare Foundation has turned 5 this year. In these 5 years, beginning from teaching under a tree, till creating a library for children, we have got number of individual supporters in the form of donors, doctors, teachers, and our backbone, the volunteers. This passing year has gifted us with a beautiful, worth cherishing experience that we are humbled to share.

Amid the COVID-19 lockdown, countless families have suffered, countless are the children who kept on suffering silently. While working for children in the slums and rural areas, we saw their hoplessness, tantrums, anxieties, health issues and what not. But the greatest loss was the discontinued education all through the year because of precautionary lockdown. Our team worked hard with all their heart, labor and brain to figure out solutions and overcome these challenges. Like everyone, we suffered cash crunch but thanks to our alumni who helped us out.

But, Aria came with the greatest gift for all our children. Aria is a 10 years old girl. She comes from a well-to-do family who lives in California, USA. Aria loves to draw, paint, read and write.. as a hobby she used to draw beautiful cards. Aria and her parents decided to contribute something for the children who are less privileged.

Aria decided to sell out her cards for charity and donate the amount for educating the children in less privileged areas of India. For this, she donated Rupees 5000 of her earning out of selling her cards to Malviya Child Welfare Foundation. Such an act of kindness from a 10 years old child is more than a blessing and an encouragement for all of out team to keep up our efforts.

Yes, we shared this story about Aria and her efforts to our children! And we were amazed to see how they thanked Aria! They also expressed their wish to meet and see her. Someday may be we could make that too possible.. What we observed happening here is that our children who are not more and less are similar to Aria's age, got a rushing change in attitude. Since ages they have been looking at elders coming to help, so becomes the expectations and a mindset. But looking to what Aria did for them, they are struck with a new perspective, that children have equal role to play in making a great difference!

Aria, with her gesture has added value to our mission, that is to empower children and enable them to take responsibility of their self development.

Our children have sent their warm regards and thank you message for Aria with this beautiful card..

Thank You Card from Children to Aria

Thank you Aria
Download PDF • 2.50MB


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