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  • Akanksha Yadav

As Special as Her Ambition...

Pragati is our rising star, like any other kid who loves the swings, cartoons, has a big circle of friends to play with, she is always bubbling with so much of joy and energy. A beautiful happy soul is special, she can't hear, she can't speak… This child is differently abled since birth. Her parents are no more; her grandmother raised her since she was 3 years old. As her grandmother recalls, her father passed away due to some fatal disease, following the incident her mother left to her native place, within few months, she passed away too. Her grandmother went to the funeral and brought the little girl back. This old woman must have mustered enough courage to bring up this child irrespective of being a special kid, especially a girl, as emphasized by her, “being from a village that was not a heaven for a girl child.”

Only a few minutes passed, she came running to welcome me into her home. She signaled her grandmother something and her grandmother laid before me her report cards, piles of notebooks with good remarks. Taking special interest and ensuring great caution and care, she kept a glittering gold medal (image 2), which had this child's name inscribed, Pragati

(Pragati in the image 1)

Her name felt so apt, irrespective of all the odds, loss and suffering this invincible child is committed to being happy, to celebrate her life. She studies hard because she aims to be a doctor. Before her grandmother could complete the conversation Pragati leaped in, excited at the thought of her ambition being discussed and proud to be thinking this big, she gestured with her hands around her neck, I could make out it was stethoscope and wearing a coat. As her grandmother was still leafing through the pages of her notebook her face suddenly become dull, I inquired and she answered that Pragati goes to a school for special children, which admits them for a term of 4 years. ‘Soon she would complete the tenure happen next’; this thought bugs grandmother the most.

Our dedicated volunteer immediately took the responsibility of teaching her as soon as Pragati's grandmother came to our organization with hopes that her grandchild continues to study so that she could achieve her dream.

I asked the volunteer who teaches her, “how does he teach her?” The volunteer is himself an undergraduate student at BHU, learns to teach deaf and dumb children using three of the mobile applications. In addition, he regularly watches five-ten videos on how to teach kids with special needs.

His inspiration was amazingly contagious, delivering a strong message that selfless commitment and compassion can transform many lives. I bet there is nothing as precious as a child's happy face. Pragati is doing much better. The organization is monitoring her progress and her improvement gives the light of hopes.

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