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"Ankuran Jan-Feb 2020" The Students' Magazine

Updated: Aug 6, 2020


A few years ago, when we started working with the children, we envisaged a dream where one day our children will make a mark in the world. They were little kids four years ago. Today they have grown up with their spirits and capabilities hence we could conceive the idea of 'Ankuran', a students' magazine' which today is born being nourished with the creativity and contribution of our students and volunteers.

We're proud to present, a creative piece of expression, a fulfillment, an idea that has been made a reality by our students at MCWF- The first edition of MCWF students' magazine, "Ankuran"

Purpose of this magazine is to promote young minds from unheard communities to express themselves in their own, natural ways. And spread their words to the world.

The mission is as deep as the pearl in the sea, be tuned with us, we shall get it discover together!


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